Innovation, alone, isn’t enough to change behavior.

To impress true tastemakers, an elegant solution was needed.

The search for something beautiful, elevated, and fascinating…

led us to the superpowers of butterflies which are able to see ultraviolet light to identify food sources.  It was, in particular, the Opalescent Birdwing butterfly, from the Indonesian island of Buru, that captured our imagination.

These evolutionary marvels live 1,300-1,600 meters above sea level (elevated).  Their impressive wingspan is nearly 8 inches (fascinating).  Their hind wings are normally an intense gold, but appear iridescent blue-green in the sun, like an opal (beautiful).

The technology behind BurŪV was developed meticulously over one brilliant physician’s career in dermatology.

Intellectually, we all know that the sun’s ultraviolet light causes damage.  But culturally, we have relaxed into indifference when it comes to Skintelligence.

It wasn’t a leap to modify ‘Buru’ to reflect the skin’s villain, ŪV.


And with that, BurŪV was born.

Buruv Apple Watch Band With Skintelligence Sun Exposure Monitoring Technology Opalescent Butterflies