Truly Remarkable Sun Monitoring Techonolgy

TruSun™ technology is baked into every BurŪV Fitness Tracker for Your Skin.  It provides the proprietary algorithms that track and store true real time uv sun exposure based on the individual’s true skin type and true real time sunscreen application. TruSun™ state of the art technology is what makes BurŪV tick!

TruSun™ provides real time feedback to help inidividuals monitor and make healthy choices when it comes to sun exposure. 

Imagine no more sunburns, pre-mature aging or skin cancer!  This is the ultimate goal of TruSun™ technology.  Working closely with clinical researchers, physicians and other sun protection pioneers TruSun™ believes these goals are within reach!


TruSun™ The Technology Behind the BurŪV Fitness Tracker for Your Skin


Find Out What the UV Index is in Your Area

The EPA sponsors a helpful tool below that can provide your with information about the UV index in your area.  Enter your location information below (i.e., zip code, city, state), then click the green search icon.  You will be redirected to the EPA’s web site where the UV index information for your area will be displayed for you.

Use UV index information to help you plan for how much sun protection you need based on your skin type.  If you don’t know what your skin type is, click here to learn more.