The 1 Oz. Rule and The Sunscreen Fingertip Application Guide

When you are at the beach or pool and are exposed to continuous sunlight, the appropriate amount of sunscreen that should be applied to your skin is 1 oz. which is equivalent to a shot glass worth of sunscreen. You should reapply this amount every 1-2 hours.

The Sunscreen Fingertip Application Guide below illustrates the proper number of Sunscreen FTUs (Finger Tip Units) to apply to the different parts of your body when exposed to continuous sunlight.

Is Spray Sunscreen Just as Effective as Sunscreen Lotion?

Spray sunscreens are easy and convenient, but you do not know exactly how much is applied to your skin. If you spray closer you get more, if you spray further away, you get less. Also, most consumers do not realize that spray sunscreen is supposed to be rubbed in, be sure to rub your sunscreen in even after you spray it on!

NOTE: People who have sensitive skin should avoid spray sunscreens due an increased risk of photoallergic contact dermatitis (looks like a rash or sunburn in the applied area).

How Much Sunscreen Should You Apply?